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In the bustling world of Melbourne’s architecture, one name shines brightly—Tom Robertson Architects. Established a decade ago by the visionary Tom Robertson, this firm has quickly ascended to prominence, redefining residential and small-scale commercial architecture in the city.

Tom Robertson’s architectural odyssey began in high school when his fervour for design began to take shape. His passion solidified during a transformative experience working with the renowned Gabriel Poole on the Sunshine Coast midway through pursuing a degree in architecture. However, he admits he didn’t instantly connect with the discipline during his university years. It was Poole’s tutelage that ignited his passion, charting the course for Tom Robertson Architects.

Established a decade ago, Tom Robertson Architects initially started as a one-person venture, but it quickly expanded into a team of six. The firm’s growth has been steady and sustainable, aligning with its commitment to delivering distinctive architectural solutions. When asked about their design ethos, Robertson underscores their adaptability, eschewing a specific architectural style in favour of bespoke creations tailored to each client’s unique vision.

Nevertheless, their work often gravitates towards what Robertson calls

deliberately simple architecture, defined by a restrained material palette, a focus on functionality, and a warm interplay of light and shadow.

While primarily specialising in residential projects, Tom Robertson Architects occasionally ventures into the realm of small-scale commercial architecture. Their portfolio showcases a dedication to creating unique spaces that reflect the client’s needs and vision. A shining example of their design philosophy is the McNamara House.

“It has an amazing feel when you walk through the old house into the new—it just takes you by surprise every time,” says Robertson.

In a city with a rich architectural heritage like Melbourne, Tom Robertson Architects’ approach preserves the original form and fabric while the new additions percolate a distinctly modern style. Their work beautifully demonstrates the coexistence of the old and new in Melbourne’s dynamic architectural landscape.

When asked about architectural trends in Melbourne, Robertson noted the emergence of more adventurous designs and a greater emphasis on colour.

“I’m probably seeing more colour than I’ve seen before and a little bit more adventurousness,” he states before adding, “but we’re really inspired by the standard of work in Melbourne.”

“It’s a good opportunity for everyone to compete against each other, which is important to maintaining a high level of design in Melbourne and, I guess, Australia-wide.”

With a decade of outstanding projects behind them, it’s clear that their future in the industry is as bright as their designs.

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