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The Ridge Nelson Bay Set a New Standard for Coastal Retreats

For many, the living room is the foundational home construction space, serving as the epicentre of entertainment and relaxation. However, for The Ridge owners, alongside Greenbuild Constructions, a different vision steered their design process—a vision anchored by the allure of a private pool, a quintessential addition to any holiday retreat.

“We wanted the pool to be more than just a water feature; we wanted it to be an experience,” they explain. Its sinuous contours and strategic placement render it an irresistible focal point — almost as irresistible as the surrounding Tomaree and Yacabba headlands.

Our goal is to create a stay so enjoyable that they won’t want to leave.

But The Ridge isn’t just about the pool or views — it’s about creating spaces that inspire and rejuvenate. From the sleek kitchen to the cosy cinema room, every corner percolates warmth and sophistication. “We wanted each space to tell a story, to have a sense of comfort and belonging,” they share.

Within the living area, timber-look battens and curved walls contrast with the rugged concrete floors and ceiling, harmonising textures. In each of the seven bedrooms, indulge in organic bamboo linens from Bamboo Haus. 

Meek Bathware elevates the powder rooms and main bathroom, featuring the statement-fluted freestanding Doric pill bath. Vintage and contemporary movie posters adorn the cinema room’s walls.

The journey from conception to completion was nothing short of a labour of love. “We faced our fair share of challenges, especially with the pool on an elevated block,” they admit. And what about those unexpected surprises along the way? “Oh, there were plenty.” From integrating hidden features seamlessly into the structure to navigating last-minute design tweaks, every step of the process was an adventure in itself.

Winning their first design award was the icing on the cake, a validation of their hard work and dedication. “It was a surreal moment, standing among homes we’ve long admired,” they reflect. But for them, the true reward lies in knowing that The Ridge has become a sanctuary for guests seeking solace and serenity.

As guests step through the doors of The Ridge, they’re greeted not just by luxury but by a sense of home. From the plush amenities to the personalised concierge service, every detail is designed to exceed expectations and create memories that last a lifetime.

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