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The Keep, Tasmania’s Modern Sanctuary

In the annals of Medieval history, a Keep (derived from the Middle English “kype”) is a solitary fortified bastion within the walls of a castle, often the final refuge in times of siege—a sanctuary. Inspired by this storied tradition, Sue Stagg envisioned The Keep, perched on Tasmania’s North East Coast, as a beacon of solace amidst untamed landscapes.

“It had been used as accommodation for a little while when we bought it,” she recalls, “not at the standard that it kind of needed to be.” Determined to elevate the guest experience, Stagg focused on enhancing the luxury and comfort elements, ensuring that every detail catered to the needs of travellers seeking comfort amidst the wilderness.

The location is simply extraordinary; we felt compelled to share its magic with the world

Stagg reveals, recounting the fortuitous whim that led her and her husband to inspect the property after it hit the market. Spanning 250 acres of pristine terrain, the estate offers unmatched privacy and panoramic views that encapsulate Tasmania’s rugged allure.

One of the most iconic features of The Keep is its outdoor bath, crafted from a single piece of granite. “That was there,” Stagg reveals, “the previous owner put that in.” The bathtub takes up a prime position on the edge, overlooking the tree canopy’s surroundings, yet it is sheltered from the winds by big boulders. “It’s a particularly magical spot to stargaze from.”

Central to Stagg’s vision was the concept of “the keep”—a symbol of safety and protection. Surrounding the Keep are steep drop-offs and wild animals. “It’s quite remote,” she explains.

 “The idea is that you get inside the building, and you feel safe and protected and comfortable and warm.”

Through thoughtful design choices, including natural-toned fabrics and textures inspired by the surrounding environment, Stagg has created an environment that enwraps guests in a sense of security while fostering a deep connection to the outdoors.

Reflecting on her favourite aspects of The Keep, Stagg highlights the bedroom—an oasis of comfort and luxury. Every element has been carefully chosen, from the sumptuous king-size bed with French linens to the botanical mural embellishing the walls.

Within a short walk, guests can discover Tasmania’s largest myrtle tree or opt for a more extensive hike through a lush rainforest dominated by towering man-ferns. The clear water creek below is an ideal setting for a leisurely picnic, where the gentle murmur of water provides a soothing backdrop.

As guests unwind within the confines of The Keep, embrace the rhythm of nature, whether watching eagles soar overhead or witnessing storms roll across the horizon.

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