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Building Dreams: The Unique Vision of Reform Projects

In construction, where form meets function and innovation marries tradition, Reform Projects has carved a niche for itself in the landscape. A recent tête-à-tête with Managing Director Carl van Selm, offers an intimate glimpse into their journey, characterised by audacious projects, unwavering dedication, and a collaborative spirit that is nothing short of visionary.

Three friends at the helm of Reform Projects are Nathan Scarf, Alex Swiney, and Carl van Selm, who met at Pro Build, where they worked on large multi-residential spaces. However, only when all parties saw an opportunity for a commercial approach to lower-tiered, high-end residential spaces was their friendship stamped in the form of Reform Projects.

This philosophy infuses a collaborative spirit into every project, laying a robust foundation for success,

says van Selm

What sets them apart is their commitment to an open and transparent approach. Instead of the conventional tendering process, they advocate an “early contractor involvement scenario” (ECI). This approach involves close collaboration with clients and consultant teams even before project awards, ensuring budgets are fine-tuned and risks mitigated right from the start.

Their project portfolio reflects this balance, with around eight to nine live projects at any given time. These projects are evenly split between high-end residential houses and small boutique apartment blocks, showcasing their adaptability and versatility.

One project that shines in their portfolio is the Ida Apartments in Potts Point. This architectural jewel, perched on a challenging cliff face and housing a significant heritage aspect—the CALIDAD Building—embodied complexity in its truest form. “We had to deconstruct 1500 timber elements,” recounts van Selm, “and then do a massive excavation, build new construction in and around the footprint of the CALIDAD building and then put back all of those timber elements into their original heritage position over a new structure.”

A monumental endeavour, the rebuilt structure demonstrated the trio’s meticulous craftsmanship by aligning within a three-millimetre tolerance of its original form. It was projects such as these that catapulted Reform Projects into the limelight.

But why should you choose Reform Projects over others? The answer is simple, says van Selm: their reputation speaks for itself. With a clientele that largely relies on word-of-mouth recommendations, they prioritise delivering on promises.

“This dedication extends to our subcontractor database, fostering strong relationships built on trust rather than cost-cutting.”

The Reform Projects portfolio reads like a symphony of diverse architectural compositions, from the poetic merger of old and new to opulent residences and intimate apartment enclaves. Their unique ability to traverse the spectrum of architectural complexity places them in a league of their own.

For those interested in collaborating with Reform Projects, van Selm advises passion, an eye for detail, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Safety and efficiency are paramount; we’re looking for clients who share our commitment to delivering remarkable architectural projects.”

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