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Ray White Bowral: A Trusted Name in Southern Highlands Real Estate

In the heart of the Southern Highlands, where rolling hills meet charming townships, one name shines bright as an unrivalled dedication to service in real estate. Ray White Bowral is an esteemed agency revered for its unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality. We sat down with Director and Selling Principal Gene Fairbanks to gain insight into their operation and what sets them apart in the competitive real estate market.

Ray White Bowral has not only established itself as a prominent real estate agency but has also expanded its reach across the Southern Highlands. With three offices in the region, including their main office in Bowral, an office in Berrima, and another in Moss Vale, they have a strong presence in the area. This expansion reflects their commitment to serving a diverse range of clients throughout the region.

I think our values and standards set us apart,” said Fairbanks. “We prioritise presenting properties with the utmost care and attention to detail, utilising videos and high-quality photos

“We’re really across the market now, from prestigious and luxury properties to the cute cottage-style homes in town,” said Fairbanks. “There’s quite a bit out in Robertston right now”

While Gene acknowledges their emphasis on prestigious properties, he is quick to credit their excellent team of sales agents. The team includes not only Fairbanks and his team, made up of 

Kathryn Posgon-Pike and Eva Lawrance but also Hugh & Charlotte Hanrahan, Jonny T and Daniel Garnett plus an incredible Property Management team. With this formidable lineup, they are well-equipped to provide exceptional service to their clients.

Their strong online presence, particularly on social media, is a major factor in their success and strategy. “We have an incredible social media presence, in part due to Calitive. We see it as another property portal to advertise through, and it works.”

Ray White Bowral is far more than a conventional agency; it is an oasis of expertise where a team of highly skilled professionals works to elevate the real estate experience to unprecedented heights. Recognising the emotional significance of finding one’s dream home, they approach each client’s journey with empathy, care, and an unwavering dedication to fulfilling their deepest aspirations.

Fairbanks recalled a property in the Woodlands area, 95 Spring Hill Road, “an amazing estate,” he called it and noted that it achieved “the highest price in Woodlands for a rural property.” This property exemplified the calibre of properties they handle and demonstrated their ability to excel even in challenging markets.

Reflecting on the broader real estate landscape in the Southern Highlands, Fairbanks explained the influx of city dwellers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was an incredible market during COVID. Everyone was flooding out of the urban cities to come to regional areas.”

He notes while this trend has slowed, the appeal of the Southern Highlands remains strong, particularly for families seeking a higher quality of life.

“Our reputation is very important to us and how we conduct ourselves and how we treat people.”

Their vision to be the most trusted brand in Southern Highlands real estate reflects their unwavering commitment to their clients and reputation.

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