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Building Dreams: Mancini Made’s Commitment to Bespoke Design

Working with family can be a daunting prospect to some, but for the Mancini family, it just made sense. Brothers Paul and Anthony Mancini hail from a real estate lineage, with their elder sibling upholding the family legacy, while Paul and Anthony embarked on their own ventures, starting Mancini Made, a renowned building company.

Their empire also encompasses an architectural firm in South Melbourne and a manufacturing plant in Williamstown. This trifecta of enterprises reflects an ambitious vision, one that has been meticulously nurtured over the years.

To see a piece of history being reborn evokes an enormous sense of satisfaction and pride,” says Anthony. “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we were delighted that Whitefox called our construction team “very much design-oriented

While their journey has propelled them towards an enviable position in the field, the Mancini brothers emphasise that they did not set out with grandiose targets in mind. Instead, their progress has been marked by organic growth and a commitment to continuous evolution.

“We don’t have a fixed end goal. Our journey is one of perpetual evolution,” says Anthony. Their dedication to growth is exemplified by their annual goal-setting approach, with the pinnacle aspiration being to establish themselves as Melbourne’s premier builders.

Mancini Made’s illustrious 12-year journey has witnessed the completion of nearly 200 projects. These projects vary in scale, with some encompassing up to 40 apartments and challenging constructions that include multiple levels and “cranes,” Black emphasises.

Yet, the brothers feel that they are merely at the midpoint of their expedition, a notion that fuels their enthusiasm. He notes, “It’s still exciting. We’ve faced challenges, but this is exactly where we want to be.”

The visual impact of Mancini Made’s projects is undeniably striking. Each structure possesses an irresistible allure, leaving an enduring impression on observers.

“Our style, thus far, has leaned towards the masculine—dark and moody. However, our upcoming projects reflect a shift towards softer curves and lighter palettes,” says Anthony.

Mancini Made strategically focuses on custom projects ranging from two to five million dollars, allowing them to curate a portfolio of aesthetically pleasing and architecturally significant works.

One of their most noteworthy projects involves the transformation of a 150-year-old church into 11 townhouses, showcasing their exceptional adaptability and design prowess.

The brothers live by the tagline: ‘Design Built In.’ The company seamlessly integrates architecture and construction, offering clients a comprehensive service. Paul, a registered architect, spearheads their architecture firm, Home by MM, and clients can opt to entrust Mancini Made with the entire process from concept to handover or choose construction for their architectural designs.

“We have a manufacturing arm, Framed by MM, which makes us more efficient, more economical, and shortens our delivery timeframes. It means we have quality control over the entire process and can offer our clients a truly unique point of difference.”

Mancini Made is not just a construction company; it is an unwavering force that establishes the benchmark for what can be achieved when precision, pure commitment, and family converge.

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