We were constantly helping each other with our own projects and one day realised we were just better together,

said Karrys. 

We’re always trying to push the boundaries, push the client out of their comfort zone and into something they never knew they wanted

 At the ambitious age of 25, Nickolas started a new chapter— Nickolas Gurtler Office —a multi-disciplinary practice of designers, architects, and stylists based in Melbourne. Eight years later, the Gurtler name is a staple in Australia, being nominated for Emerging Design Practice in the Australian Interior Design Awards 2021, and is quickly gaining momentum internationally, with Nickolas working on projects in the United States of America right now. 

In client collaborations, Nickolas employs a nuanced approach. Rather than inquiring about their foremost preferences, his initial question probes their aversions. “While people often grasp their likes, the uncharted territory of dislikes gives us a broader design canvas,” he notes, unlocking untapped creative potential.