Our young team is brimming with ideas,” Kucevic says. “There’s a constant exchange of energy, a vibrant brainstorming session before we even approach the client. We design what ignites us, spaces that resonate with our own hearts.

Their latest project, Solstice, embodies this philosophy. Picture 15 apartments, each with an uninterrupted vista of the endless blue horizon. “It’s our magnum opus so far,” says Kucevic.

More than just a beautiful facade, Solstice is a triumph of thoughtful design. The five-story structure arose from a clever solution—combining three plots to create space for Solstice.

Established a decade ago, Tom Robertson Architects initially started as a one-person venture, but it quickly expanded into a team of six. The firm’s growth has been steady and sustainable, aligning with its commitment to delivering distinctive architectural solutions. When asked about their design ethos, Robertson underscores their adaptability, eschewing a specific architectural style in favour of bespoke creations tailored to each client’s unique vision.

Nevertheless, their work often gravitates towards what Robertson calls

deliberately simple architecture, defined by a restrained material palette, a focus on functionality, and a warm interplay of light and shadow.